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This week, I wanted to focus on some of the questions we hear on an almost daily basis. There is still a lot of concern about chiropractic care among many people, both in and out of the medical community. We always do our best to get rid of those fears, but it can be difficult to battle with the false information that people often find on the internet or by talking to friends who read incorrect articles or articles that spin the truth.

For example, last year there was an unfortunate incident where a model ended up passing away after receiving chiropractic care. She had a stroke which was blamed upon the spinal manipulation she had undergone. This caused many news agencies and magazines to put out headlines which stated that she died due to receiving chiropractic care. While it is true that the stroke was caused by the sharp movement, it was also likely that the woman had a pre-existing vascular issue. The likelihood of this occurring in anyone is extremely rare, with the absolute highest risk being labeled around one in every 100,000 person, which is relatively similar to the risk of someone who is not receiving chiropractic care having a stroke. Other studies show that serious injuries being connected to chiropractic care are closer to one in every four million people seen.

While we do encourage every person to do their own research about medical treatment they are thinking of undergoing, we do want to stress the importance of going to reputable sources for this information. Medical journals or official websites such as the ACA are going to be much more reliable than sources like People Magazine. While we are sure the reporters who work there are wonderful people, they don’t have to have their information vetted in the same way medical reporters do. Always remember to look for a few legitimate sources before drawing a conclusion about something.

If you are still concerned and would prefer to talk face to face with someone, then come on into DiBella Chiropractic. We will do everything in our power to put you at ease in regards to your future medical care and will talk you through everything that we want to do. Never feel uneasy asking what we are doing or what our opinions are about your care. Let us help you in every way that we can!

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