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Swimming can be a great way to stay cool during the summer months. It is also great to keep yourself healthy! Not only is swimming an enjoyable activity, but it is one of the best types of exercise that almost anyone can take part in. While I may be a little biased as I wistfully listen to the filter and pump of the pool outside my apartment window, I can assure you that swimming is a great way to keep yourself fit. Here are some of the reasons that swimming is such a great summer activity.

  1. Low Impact. This is arguably the best reason to get into a swimming pool pronto. Moving around in water helps to reduce the impact that your joints take, so it is softer on aging or chronically ill bodies than any other type of exercise. While running or tennis may be better for losing weight, those of us who can’t move that quick or for that long need to find something that still works out our bodies while still being gentle. That is exactly what swimming does. If you are immersed up to your neck, you are only dealing with ten percent of your body weight. Even if you aren’t comfortable with this, you can stand in waist deep water and only have to bear about fifty percent. That is great no matter what kind of exercise you are trying to do!
  2. Increased Strength. Due to the higher resistance that water provides as opposed to air, you may very well be able to improve your muscle tone by doing the same amount of work that a runner does but in a pool. Combine this with the low impact that the water provides you, and it would be almost silly not to want to climb in a pool right now! It has even shown to improve the bone strength of post-menopausal women and others, so that means almost all of your body can benefit from getting into the water.

These are only two of dozens of reasons to get into your nearest pool. While we do suggest you ask permission from whoever owns the pool first, jumping right in may be just what you need. Stick around and we may explain a few more reasons why you should get into some water before and after heading into DiBella Chiropractic.

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