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With your initial consultation out of the way, it’s now time for your first adjustment. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, then that first visit to a chiropractor can be rather intimidating. Many people have no idea what to expect when they walk through the front door.

But never fear! DiBella Chiropractic Center is here with some tips and advice that will help your appointment go as smoothly as possible. Read on for a list of important dos and don’ts for your first visit.


  • …come prepared. Just like any doctor’s office, you’ll be required to provide a plethora of information up front. This includes medical history, insurance information, and payment method, and anything else specifically requested by the chiropractic administrative office. Gather everything you’ll need ahead of time so that you don’t forget an essential document on the day of the appointment.
  • …ask questions. When it comes to chiropractic care, there’s no such thing as too many questions. Chiropractors are always glad to share their knowledge with a curious patient, particularly if it benefits their overall health and treatment process. Come prepared with any questions you may have, or ask any that come to mind during the appointment.
  • …schedule follow-up appointments. Consistency is essential in chiropractic, especially at the beginning. Be sure that you understand the commitment going forward, and then work with your chiropractor to schedule follow-up appointments. New patients will typically come in at least once a week, sometimes more.


  • …arrive late. Before you can be admitted to your adjustment, you’ll need to fill out some first-time paperwork. This may take a bit of time, so come about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. That will give you plenty of time to complete and submit any necessary prerequisites.
  • …get dressed up. Come to your chiropractic appointment wearing comfortable clothing. The patients lie on a specialized table for spinal adjustments, so don’t wear anything too constricting. A t-shirt and jeans or shorts should be perfectly fine.
  • …be fearful or anxious. While your first appointment can be a little intimidating, there’s nothing to fear. It’s perfectly normal to hear some snaps or pops during your adjustment, so don’t worry. Adjustments shouldn’t be painful.

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