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Sometimes, we receive questions that are very specific to the needs and concerns of our individual patients. While we always do our best to put each and every fear to rest, there are some questions that we hear often that are more specific to certain types of patients that may come through our doors. We wanted to address a couple of these here for you so that you can be more at ease when you walk in.

  1. Can I Bring My Child In For Treatment? Yes, most definitely! Here at DiBella Chiropractic we love children, so you can definitely bring in kids of all ages for treatment. We have heard concerns before about having a doctor work on a developing child’s skeletal system, but we can assure you that this is something you can rest easy about. If anything, bringing your child in will help them grow correctly, as chiropractic treatment can help keep the natural proper alignment of a skeleton. There is no basic age limit for children to receive chiropractic care and has in fact been used to benefit infants having trouble breast feeding.
  2. I Have Arthritis and Shouldn’t Crack My Joints, Should I See A Chiropractor? It is a common misconception that if you have developed arthritis you should not crack your knuckles. It is also false that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis of any kind, you should definitely come in and see a chiropractor. Many people find that having chiropractic treatment actually reduces their pain levels that they attribute to arthritis. Definitely come in and see what we can do to help you.
  3. I Take Drugs (legal or illegal), Can I Still Have Chiropractic Care? Although chiropractic doctors do not prescribe medication, they do understand that in some cases they may be required. You most certainly are able to have chiropractic care no matter what your drug use history looks like. If you are concerned, however, it is always a good idea to let your doctor know what you have taken over the past couple of days so that they have a better idea of how to treat you.

We hope that these questions have helped to ease some of your concerns. Come into DiBella Chiropractic and see just how much of a difference chiropractic treatment can make in your life.

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