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Many of us suffer from upper respiratory issues such as Asthma or other allergies. For those of us who do, or have loved ones who do, know just how damaging they can be. Some cases are so severe that the person cannot even enjoy a normal life. I had a friend growing up who was so allergic to so many things that she had to be homeschooled, was on at least six different medications, and had to be cleared by a doctor to travel anywhere, even in the car to a family member’s house. I remember how miserable she was and always felt terrible for her and her family.

While the subject of this study wasn’t quite so bad, he was certainly one of the worse cases we hear of. This seven year old boy had been diagnosed with asthma at five months and also suffered from severe allergies and chronic colds. He would miss at least a day or two of school every month due to his illnesses and would have to take monthly trips to the doctor. He was also on a once a day dose of prescription Alavert for his allergies and Albuterol for asthma. As an adult, I am on one medication a day and that is bad enough. I cannot imagine how this poor boy must have felt.

His parents brought him into the chiropractor and he received care for misalignments in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral spine. Within two weeks, his parents decided that he no longer needed to take his allergy or asthma medications. Within five months of continued treatment, he was receiving only wellness checks with his doctor. Within the year which this study was written, he was able to go to school every single day and did not miss one due to illness.

To me, this is simply amazing. While we will never suggest that you should receive chiropractic care instead of taking your prescribed medication, this boy and his parents decided that the care he received was so effective he could get off of his and would still be okay. In fact, it seems he was much better without the medication and with the substitution of chiropractic care. There is nothing wrong with taking medication, but I think it’s wonderful this little boy didn’t need to worry about it again.

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