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Being in a car accident is something that none of us ever want to experience. Unfortunately, it is believed that the average driver will be in at least three accidents during their driving lifetime. While most of these accidents will be small so called “fender benders”, sometimes the crash can leave lasting damage. While it is scary to think about, these lasting problems can change your life. Some of the possibilities are explained below, because it never hurts to be prepared for what the future may hold.

Head injuries are unfortunately common in the result of a car accident. These can range anywhere from a minor headache to severe swelling of the brain which can lead to coma or death. Very often, the jarring or jerking sensation that is felt from the impact will cause the driver’s head (along with the heads of any passengers) to quickly move forward and back again. This can cause anyone involved to strike their heads on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and the head rest. This can lead to concussions, and in more severe cases, vision or hearing loss and more extreme medical conditions.

Neck injuries are also rather common when a person is in a car crash. These happen for many of the same reasons that head injuries do. The sudden and harsh motion of quickly having your neck thrust forward and then back into its natural position can cause the most common injury after a car accident. This is known as whiplash. This can cause muscular damage as well as tendon and ligament swelling. Naturally, the extent of the severity of whiplash depends on both the intensity of the crash and the health of the person involved before the accident. General pain and swelling around the neck is also common after a car crash. It has been reported that vocal cord paralysis can occur as well, however some doctors believe that this can be a psychosomatic, or psychogenic, response to the physical trauma.

While a chiropractor cannot help all of these issues, people have reported that seeking chiropractic help after a car crash can help significantly with the pain. If you have recently been in an accident and are cleared to do so by your main doctor, come into DiBella Chiropractic and see just how much we can help you recover.

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