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This week, I wanted to focus on pain that could have occurred during winter. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different ways that winter can be harmful, despite the beauty that many associate with this season. Here are some pain relieving tips that you can use to combat the wintertime blues and welcome in the spring.

  1. Stretching. Yes, I am still suggesting stretching. I will never stop suggesting stretching. Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and helps to create a better range of motion for you. This means you are less likely to fall, more likely to stay warm and alert, and you will be more flexible. There is literally no downside to stretching that I have ever experienced as long as you respect your own limits.
  2. Dress Appropriately. If it is cold out, please do your best to stay warm. Use layers and make sure that you don’t go outside without gloves, hats, scarves, or the like on. Even if you are female and like to wear dresses (or need to for some reason), you can either wear leggings with some kind of insulation underneath or change when you get to your destination.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Because it is cold out, many of us forget to keep drinking as much as we would during the hot days of summer. However, you still need to stay hydrated to keep your muscles from cramping and to keep your body running how it should.
  4. Take A Warm Bath. If you don’t like or can’t take a bath, a shower will work as well. Letting warm water soothe your muscles can help relieve pain and loosen up any knots or muscle cramps that you may be experiencing. If you’re feeling a little stressed, you may want to look into aromatherapy as well, as many scents can help to relax you even while you’re bathing.
  5. Take Vitamin D. In the winter, we are less likely to get the appropriate amount of vitamin D from the sun, so talk to your doctor and see if a supplement is the right choice for you.

Winter can be a brutal time when it comes to pain and our mental health. Always speak to your family doctor about any concerns you may have. You are always welcome at DiBella Chiropractic as well, so come on in and see how much an adjustment can help!

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