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One of the biggest reasons we all hear, or give as the case may be, for not exercising or eating healthy is a lack of time. We all lead such busy lives and hardly seem to have a minute to ourselves between work, home, and whatever else may be needed of us. If you have a full time job, you understand how difficult it may be to get in some daily exercise. Here are some quick tips you may be able to use to help yourself stay healthy at work.

  1. Smoke Breaks. We all know that smoking is bad for us. Unfortunately, it is an addiction and so simply quitting isn’t as much of an option as some think it is. If you are trying to quit, there are numbers you can call or programs you can work with to help you along. We highly recommend you trying to quit. Now what do you do with your smoke break time? Instead of having a cigarette, try standing outside and simply breathing the fresh air. Perhaps take a walk around the block if possible and safe. If you are already working to quit or have quit, good for you! We are proud of your hard work!
  2. Stretch. Even if you sit at a desk all day, there are some things you can do to help keep yourself in shape. Leg exercises such as raising and holding them for a certain amount of time can help. If you are on the phone often, you can stand and do certain exercises as well. This may include standing on your toes for a short time and lowering back to your heels again. Find a couple of stretches that work for you and your location while you are working.
  3. Workplace Wellness Groups. Some of us don’t really want to have groups of people all working out together, and that’s fine. Just because you have a group at work doesn’t mean you have to work together. Perhaps have small contests throughout the month either in a group or just individuals as to who works out the most. For example, most of us have pedometers on our phones, or can easily get them. Maybe offer a free lunch for whoever walks the most in a month.

There are hundreds of ways to keep yourself healthy at work. These are only a few. Find what works best for your work environment and stick to it. Come on in and tell us here at Dibella Chiropractic what you find most effective.

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