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This week I really want to talk to you about exercise. The winter is (hopefully) winding down and soon we will be out of the excuses that keep us from exercising. Well, I know that I at least use the cold as a reason not to go outside and walk. If you are like me and never really want to move much during the winter, then here are some good exercises that you can use to warm yourself up while you wait for those temperatures to climb.
1. Hot Yoga. While normal yoga is fine as well, hot yoga may be more enjoyable during the winter. Hot yoga is performed under hot and humid conditions. It is thought that the more you sweat, the more water weight you can lose. While some studies have shown there isn’t much difference between the different forms of yoga, we can all agree that some heat is always nice when it’s super cold outside. Just be sure to have some layers so that you can go back outside without getting sick!
2. Join A Gym. Although you may prefer being outside when you exercise, it isn’t always possible depending on other medical conditions such as asthma. Find a gym near you that can fit your needs and register for the few coldest months in order to keep your exercise momentum going without freezing your fingers off. You may even find something you like doing while inside.
3. Layer Your Clothing. If you still really want to be outside to exercise, be sure that you are dressing for the part. Layer your clothing and be sure to change out of them and shower as soon as you get back home. Also, make sure you know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia so you know how much may be too much for your body.
If you are not sure how to exercise in the winter, come on into DiBella Chiropractic. Not only can we help you with those aches and pains that you may get at this time of the year, but we can help to draw up a personalized exercise plan that can keep you on track to a healthier you. Head in today and see just how much of a difference a chiropractor can make in your life!

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