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This week has seen a lot of rain in the area. This can cause all kinds of havoc both with our moods and our bodies. Here are some ideas to keep everything healthy while we deal with the less than ideal weather that is ahead of us.
1. Stretch. This is especially true in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed. If possible, try stretching out as many of your muscles as you can to get them working and nice and limber. Try doing toe touches in bed and rotate your torso left and right to get the muscles in your back nice and warm to face the day ahead.
2. Crack. Your joints may seem stiffer throughout the days when there is a large amount of rain that is coming in. Although your parents probably told you not to crack your knuckles, it has been shown that releasing those pockets of air between your bones actually helps your skeletal system. The buildup of air and acid is something that can contribute to arthritic pain and releasing this by “cracking” the joint actually can help to relieve the pain.
3. Warm Drinks and Air. There’s an allure to curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. While it may be more season appropriate to have a cup of hot cider, whatever your drink of choice is may actually be helping you. When we are cold, we curl up tightly and keep tension in our muscles and joints. The heat from your favorite drink warms you from the inside out and can help to relax those areas where you’re holding all that tension. If you have a fireplace in your house, burning a log or two will also help to get the dampness out of the air and should help to relieve some of the pain you are feeling due to the rain.
As always, another thing that can help you is to come down to DiBella Chiropractic and get an adjustment from our skilled doctors. Although you may be able to crack your knuckles, things like your neck and back are more delicate and should be handled by a professional. Come down, get out of the rain, and see one of our chiropractors to help get you through this drizzly, rainy week.

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