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I have never been the biggest fan of winter. I have always found that while snow is pretty, it never stays that way for long. This is especially true when I need to shovel multiple inches of it. One thing that I dislike more and more the older I get is the rain that we see when it isn’t cold enough to snow. While I don’t mind being outside in a light mist, it rarely seems to work out that way. On New Year’s Eve, I was driving to a friend’s house and almost had to pull over because the rain was so severe. The worst is when you realize that you should be glad that it isn’t snow but you still miss the sun. Not only does it make you feel ungrateful, but it is also painful.

The combination of wet and cold is never pleasant. This is especially true when it comes over an extended period of time. This year, my area has seen more rain than snow but that still doesn’t mean it has been pleasant. While I am glad that I haven’t been trapped inside because of blizzard conditions like I was last year, it seems like the rain makes you just as miserable sometimes. It also isn’t fun when you can’t open your windows due to the rain (because those are the days that seem to be decently warm) or find that there is a leak somewhere and need to rush to fix it before it freezes again. If you’re already in some pain due to the weather, moving around a lot is the last thing that you want to do. I know all I ever want to do in the winter is curl up under some blankets and sleep.

If you find that you are experiencing some pain that is likely weather related, come into DiBella Chiropractic. We understand just how uncomfortable this time of year can be for people with chronic conditions and it normally doesn’t get better until the weather starts to warm back up. We can help you set up a plan to deal with the aches and pains at home as well as regular appointments for chiropractic care to help combat any other issues. Just because the weather outside is miserable most days doesn’t mean you have to be. Come and get the treatment you deserve today and feel worlds better tomorrow!

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