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This week I wanted to talk to you about back pain. Back pain is something that around 84% of adults suffer from on a regular basis. This means that there is a pretty good chance that at least one person reading this lives with some form of back pain and here at DiBella Chiropractic we think that this is at least one person too many. We hate when people are in pain, it’s why we do what we do in the first place. This is why we wanted to give you some tips about how to deal with and lessen your back pain. These methods include:

  1. Ice and Heat. Using ice packs and heating pads can save you a lot of pain and misery when it comes to pain and things beyond your control. Ice helps to reduce inflammation if your pain is a nerve issue while the heat helps to relax your muscles if it is a muscular problem. You may even want to alternate between the two to get the best effect.
  2. Stretching. Stretching is a great way to work out those little spots that tend to develop in your overused (or underused) muscles. Look up some simple stretches that you can do at home and see how much of a difference it makes. You may even want to start doing them on a daily basis to prevent the pain coming back.
  3. Correcting Your Posture. Sitting at a computer or lounging on the couch for hours at a time can really mess with your back if you aren’t sitting correctly. Always try to make an effort to correct your posture if you are sitting down by making sure your feet are flat on the floor and your chin is parallel to it. Do your best to make sure your shoulders are level as well, as leaning can cause a vast amount of pain if done over a long period of time. Try unclenching your jaw as well and see how much this helps the rest of your posture.

Back pain is often considered a fact of life, but it shouldn’t have to be. In fact, here at DiBella Chiropractic we want to do all we can to make sure that you never feel back pain again. Come in for a spinal adjustment and see how much it can help you.

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