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Delivery trucks, semis, 18-wheelers, box trucks – they are everywhere! Approximately 70% of goods reach their location by truck. Unfortunately, there has been a 52% increase in truck accidents since 2009, and 74% of all fatal passenger vehicle accidents involve a truck. There are many reasons why these accidents occur, including driver fatigue and truck tire defect.

The passenger who has been involved in a truck accident will need a team of professionals to help with the mental, emotional and physical healing. A chiropractor is an excellent professional to have on the team. Chiropractors are trained by spending thousands of hours preparing to bringing healing to the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

  • One common symptom following any vehicular accident is whiplash, which takes places when the head and neck are suddenly snapped forward and back upon impact.
  • The hips and pelvis are very likely to be injured in a truck accident due to the intense force of a larger vehicle hitting a smaller one, thrusting the hip and pelvic area forward and striking part of the car’s interior.
  • The impact itself or the restraint of the seatbelt, or a combination of both, can cause injuries to the shoulders such as dislocations, broken bones, torn rotator cuff and bursitis.
  • Discs can become herniated after an impact injury. Discs are round, soft, and gel-like, and sit in between each vertebra in the spine. Herniation happens when the disc tears or leaks. The herniation causes pressure and pain in the surrounding nerves. This tends to occur most often in the neck and lower back portions of the spine.
  • A concussion is caused by the brain bouncing back and forth after a blow to the head. In the event of a diagnosed concussion from the impact of a truck accident, chiropractic care can be of great benefit. Spinal adjustments are useful for healing after concussion and help the patient avoid the need for pain medications which only mask the symptoms of pain.

Once the injured person has been thoroughly assessed and treated for any broken bones, concussions and internal injuries, the chiropractor can play a very important role in the management and treatment of soft tissue injury, misalignment, and overload to the nervous system from pain. The chiropractic adjustments and manipulations will assist greatly in overall body healing and can be instrumental in the prevention of long-term chronic pain caused by the injuries.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a vehicular accident, call us at DiBella Chiropractic. Even a low-speed fender bender can result in whiplash or other injuries. We will set up a full evaluation and talk about your treatment needs.

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