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This week, I really wanted to focus on how much good chiropractic work can be doing for our country as a whole along with you as an individual. We comment a lot about how we are non-invasive and how those who come to us can’t expect to receive pain killers and be sent home, but that doesn’t always translate to how that is helpful. In light of many things, including the health care plans that are currently being debated by the government, we wanted to remind you just how beneficial some of our treatments can be.

First, I wanted to comment on how we don’t use surgery or injections. Many of us, myself included, don’t like the idea of going under the knife. While we all know that it is sometimes unavoidable, it is always good to avoid it if we can. There are many more complications that can arise from going under anesthesia than can come from having your neck cracked. You may have a bad reaction to the medication that is injected in you and even though your doctor normally will hold you to make sure that doesn’t occur, it can still be terrifying if it does. While we certainly aren’t saying that you should never use this as an option, you may want to think about going through other possibilities first.

Secondly, I really wanted to bring up the opioid usage our country is seeing right now. Quite a few people I know have passed from overdosing and even more of those people know others who have passed from this. A large amount of people are battling many different kinds of addictions and drugs are currently one of the most dangerous kinds that we as a country are dealing with. While we know that chiropractic care won’t be able to stop drug and opioid addiction and abuse, there is always the hope that we can make even a small amount of difference.

We always want to remind you that you should talk with your general practitioner about the type of treatment you are going to seek. They should be kept up to date with what you are doing medically and this includes with chiropractic treatments. Come into DiBella Chiropractic and let us know how you want us to help you.

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