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One of the large issues we have as Americans today is our posture. We truly do have terrible posture. Whether we are sitting in a chair at work, lounging on the couch at home, or even standing in a checkout line, our bodies slouch considerably. Slouching is when your back is not straight or your head, neck, and shoulders are bent forward. Think about how you are sitting right now reading this. Is your back straight? Are your feet flat on the floor? Are your legs both in the same position? Is your head held with your chin parallel to the floor? Are you leaning forward at all? Sadly, the answer to most of these is probably no. We normally have horrible ways of holding our bodies.

Even if you are sitting on your phone texting or scrolling through social media, your head is likely bent forward. This is why you probably often feel the need to lean your head back and maybe even crack your neck. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for you either. Cracking your neck yourself can cause considerable damage, especially over time. However, so can holding your head in a dropped position like you probably do when on your phone. Even sitting with a laptop on your lap encourages slouching. So what are some things you can do to help stop yourself from doing this?

First things first: sit with your back straight. Pretend that there is an invisible string attached to your head and it is pulling you up towards the ceiling. This will help straighten your back, neck, and shoulders. Take note of how you are now positioned in your chair. See how different that feels? For some people it may even be painful depending on how they normally sit or walk, but you should work towards this position more often. Now focus on your feet. They should both be flat on the ground with your knees bent at 90 degree angles. This is the best way for you to be sitting for an extended period of time.

If you find yourself slouching or feel the need to stretch out your neck and shoulders, come into DiBella Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment. While years of slouching won’t be undone in just one session, it is a great place to start. See how much better you feel after and work towards sitting straighter.

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