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Although most people understand that sciatica is a word that refers to pain, it seems like very few people actually know exactly what sciatica truly is. It can definitely be difficult to keep track of all of the different types of pain that you can have, even when you only focus on one specific type. Sciatica, however, is a fairly common issue that a lot of people suffer from. So what is sciatica and what do you need to watch for if you think you have it?

The term sciatica comes from the sciatic nerve, which travels from your lower back to your hips, buttocks, and down both legs. When you have any amount or type of pain that travels along this nerve for any reason, it falls under the label of sciatica. There can be any number of reasons for the pain, but it is most commonly due to a herniated disk, bone spurs, or a narrowing of the spine. These three issues may be fairly common, but that doesn’t mean they are pleasant to deal with. In fact, the pain from sciatica can be, and often is, completely debilitating. The swelling and numbness that comes with it is concerning enough. You should always take the first sign of symptoms seriously and seek medical assistance immediately before it gets worse.

The symptoms of sciatica seem straightforward, but they can be confusing when experiencing them. People often experience pain which radiates down their leg from the spine, but they may also experience numbness, muscle weakness, or tingling in the leg. People may only have one of those symptoms in one area of the leg, and a different symptom in a different spot. The pain may feel like anything from a dull ache to sharp, stabbing pain, a burning sensation, or even an electrical shock. It may feel more intense if you sit for extended periods of time, if you stand for too long, or if you spasm, like with a strong cough or sneeze. These widely varying symptoms are why you need to go to a doctor if you suspect you have sciatica.

If you think you are suffering from sciatica, call DiBella Chiropractic. Surgery is rarely needed, but you definitely need medical assistance. If your back hurts, you should have a professional look at it. Come in, and see how much better we can make you feel today!

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