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The holiday season is behind us, and those festive lights and decorations are coming down. These decorations often require lots of bending and lifting and climbing. If you’re not careful, all this unusually strenuous activity can be harmful to your body, particularly your neck, back, and shoulders. So, how can you keep yourself healthy and free of injury through it all? Let’s take a look at some common ailments that are a result of putting away holiday decorations.

First, back and neck strains. When lifting heavy things such as boxes or large decorative items, it can be easy to throw your back out and damage your spine. Plant your feet shoulder width apart, squat and bend slightly at the waist, then lift with your legs. This will ensure that your back is not exposed to excess strain, which could lead to a herniated disc.

Second, one that could cause severe injury, falls. Some lights and decorations require a ladder to reach high places. Whether it’s indoors or outside, it’s important to have the ladder firmly situated on the ground, and have the assistance of someone to hold the base of the ladder. We also see injury from falls due to toys and decorations on the ground that cause a hazard.

Third, injuries sustained due to fatigue and lack of rest. The holidays, while a festive and empowering time of year, can also be a source of stress. This stress wears on your body and can make you more injury-prone and sore. Remember to pace yourself and get plenty of rest. If you’re on a deadline, map out a schedule ahead of time and plan to accomplish a bit every day. Trying to get everything done in a single day or weekend is unproductive and unsafe.

Finally, consider wearing a back brace while decorating for the holidays. This reinforcement will help to support your spine and improve overall posture. Combined with proper lifting techniques, a back brace will ensure your safety and wellbeing, even when moving heavy items around the house.

These injuries are unfortunately common during the holiday season. If you’ve suffered an injury to the spine and you’re in pain, consider scheduling an appointment with us here at DiBella Chiropractic Center. Swing by our Gastonia office today or give us a call and get yourself on the path to healing!

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