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I don’t know about you, but the closer to the holidays it gets the more I seem to hurt. Between lugging a tree in and out of my house, getting up and down from the ladder to decorate it, all of the cooking and cleaning that needs to be done, I start getting sore just thinking about it. Seriously, my back is hurting just from typing that and knowing I have to do it all soon. Don’t get me wrong, I do love this time of the year, but it can seriously be a pain in the neck!

Something that you should always do around the holidays is stretch. I know, I know, I constantly say that stretching helps, but it really does! After all, you’re going to be a lot more active around this time of the year than you usually are. Pulling things out of the oven, picking up your younger family members, moving everything around in your house, running around to get those last minute gifts, and everything else that you need to do can really take a toll on your body. Stretching and getting your muscles nice and loose can help to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself on any of those lifts when you have to carry all of your wonderful presents to and from your door.

Another thing that you should do around this time of the year is make sure that you get enough sleep. This is hard, I know, but you want those visions of sugarplums to last for a full eight hours. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will probably wake up sore and that’s never good when you have so much other work that you need to do before your in-laws show up. After all, you know who won’t show up if you’re still awake late into the night.

If you are still sore, as you probably are, then feel free to come into DiBella Chiropractics. We can help adjust your spine, neck, and whatever else may be hurting you. We can give you tips on how to get a better rest at night and how to optimize your exercise routine to make sure those extra pounds are kept to a minimum. Come on in and see just how much of a change we can help you make!

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