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The holidays are a great time of year for many people. You get to see family and friends that you may not get to see at any other point. Everything is always lovely between the snow and the lights that people hang up both outside and in. While most people regard this time of year as the most wonderful, there are sometimes some not so great moments as well.

Putting up the tree if you have one is almost always a hassle. It doesn’t matter if you have a real tree that has been cut down or an artificial one, putting it up and decorating it can be a real pain in the neck. It can also be a pain in the back, the legs, the arms, the shoulders, and many other body parts. This can be made even worse if you have pets. This is especially true if you have cats, no matter how much you may love them. Let’s face it, pets make the holidays a lot more stressful when it comes to decorations.

Another problem that arises during the holidays is the stress of people that are coming over. We have to get the house in order, make everything look nice and neat, decorate for our friends and family, and make food on top of it. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy baking or cooking, the vast amount of food that has to be made can overwhelm just about anyone.

Presents are another source of pain and stress around this time of year. You need to make sure that everyone gets a present, you hope that everyone will like what they get, and you need to fight through the crowds to get those last moment ones you almost forgot. Then you have to wrap them, carry them around, and hope that you don’t misplace any of them before they get to their intended receiver.

Despite all of these things, the holidays are still a great time of the year. While you may end up with aches and pains, it’s normally par for the course when you take into account all of the things you need to do. Come on into DiBella Chiropractic and get an adjustment to help you relax and relieve the back pain that may be building up!

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