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Halloween is fast approaching and for many of us with children it is an exciting time. Free candy is always a good thing to have, after all. This time of the year always brings happiness to those of us who enjoy the heavy sweaters, sweatshirts, and yes, even pumpkin spice flavoring. Corn mazes and apple picking is normally on the agenda and for the more adventurous of us, so is a trip or two to a haunted house. While it has been proven that the release of chemicals in the brain when we are scared can be enjoyable, the jumping that may result from a sudden scare may not be.

A sudden jerk or jump from being scared can actually cause you quite a bit of damage. If you’ve ever suffered from one of these events, you know exactly what I mean. It can be a sharp stabbing pain or it may be a dull throb that seems to last forever. It may even be somewhere in between depending on how your body twists or reacts. This is made worse if you have a nerve or pain disorder. While we wouldn’t dream of wanting to keep you away from these incredibly fun attractions, we do want you to realize that moving the wrong way can cause you discomfort, regardless of how much fun you may be having at the time.

Thankfully, here at DiBella Chiropractic, we are used to seeing these problems. In fact, we will treat people on either side of the haunted house. It doesn’t matter if you hurt yourself because a demonic doll jumped out at you or if you walked across the floor upside down to get someone to run away, we understand that it can be just as fun to scare others as it is to be scared. There are injuries that are possible to be sustained from either side and we want to make sure that everyone is at their scariest for Halloween night itself.

Even if you don’t enjoy going to these attractions, sometimes people scare you regardless. This is especially true this time of year and there are times you never even see it coming. Well, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Either way, head into DiBella Chiropractic today to be prepared for whatever your Halloween plans may be.

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