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This week I want to talk about fun things you can do to exercise and get your body moving. While we normally don’t think of exercise as something fun, it doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, there are tons of ways to have a great time while also doing something that is great for you. Here are a couple of ideas to get you up and exercising.

  1. Dance. As I write this, one of my neighbors is playing very loud Celtic music and although I haven’t the foggiest idea how to correctly dance to this, it makes me want to get up and move! I have always felt like Celtic music has an incredibly infectious beat and enjoy simply walking or riding my bike while listening to it, but why stop there? Get up, dance a little crazy, act like a fool, and get your heart rate up! There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun because some music sounds great.
  2. Walking. Walking doesn’t have to be dull or feel like a chore for it to be exercise. If you enjoy nature, find a trail that you can walk around and look at the animals from. Go to a zoo and spend the day walking around looking at your favorite creatures. Even going to the mall and spending the day shopping is exercise as long as you are up and walking, so why not use that as a reason to get those cute things you had been looking at online?
  3. Gaming. Certain systems that you can play games on encourage you to get up and moving. Systems like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox with Kinect are both great ways to get yourself excited to exercise. There are dance games, fighting games, sports game, and even virtual or augmented reality games which require you to move around in order to play. Find the kind of game that works for you and have a fun day of it!

Just a little bit of exercise every day is enough to add years to your life and take them off your body. If you want other ways to exercise, come into DiBella Chiropractic in Gastonia and we can work out a system or exercise regimen for you to follow in order to get to a healthier and better you!

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