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When you go to a chiropractor, you may think that the whole point of them is to just crack your back and neck and let you go home. On the surface that may be true, but there really is a lot more that goes into a visit. What you don’t see are the years of medical school, the added years of training as a chiropractor, and the constant learning that goes into keeping your bones and muscles feeling great. One of the ways that chiropractors get to do this is through learning different techniques that may be more effective for certain people or certain types of injuries.

One of the techniques that your chiropractor may use for you is known as the diversified technique. This is a style of chiropractic care that uses short, quick thrusts over one joint at a time in an attempt to get joints more mobile again. This technique is one of the most common used and has multiple uses and goals. Diversified technique has been shown to be particularly useful in helping to treat musculoskeletal disorders, migraine headaches, pregnancy-based issues, inward curvature of the neck, and even improved blood sugar readings. While there may be other factors that can help these issues to resolve, the chiropractic care certainly won’t hurt to try!

As with almost any other technique that is used by chiropractors, the diversified technique is taught in conjunction with other methods during the 4 year program at chiropractic schools. There are some institutions that offer a specialized course based in this technique in an attempt to increase the comfort and proficiency of their students, but any chiropractor will have at least a base understanding of this process. The average chiropractor will use five or six different techniques, but 96 percent of those that reported to a study said that the diversified technique is one that they use.

If you have been considering coming into DiBella Chiropractic but aren’t sure what you want done, consider researching the diversified technique. It is often used and has had wonderful results over a wide range of injuries and pain from a large sample group. Even if you don’t think your pain is severe, you may be amazed at how much better you feel after a visit. It can be hard to realize just how much you carry around with you on a day to day basis, so let us help today!

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