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Despite many attempts, there are still many questions that circulate around chiropractic work that almost everyone asks. It is perfectly normal to want to know about any medical procedure that you may have done to you. In fact, we always encourage you to get as much information about anything medical as possible. We always find it refreshing when people question what is happening to their bodies or why they should do one thing instead of another. Here are some of the more common overarching questions that we get about chiropractic work.

  1. Is A Chiropractor Actually A Doctor? Yes. This answer is always yes. If someone is calling themselves a chiropractor but they do not have a degree, then they are not being truthful with you. A chiropractor goes to medical school just like any other MD, and then they go through even more training so that they can specialize in chiropractic care. Many chiropractors will have their degrees displayed in the office, and those that don’t most likely have no issue showing them to you upon request if you require more assurance.
  2. What Do Chiropractors Treat? Chiropractors treat a large scope of things. Normally, these will be things like headaches, neck problems, or issues with the back. A chiropractor can generally treat almost anything that is musculoskeletal. They can also help you with diet, nutrition, exercise habits, and other healthy modifications.
  3. Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe? Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of slander aimed at chiropractic treatment from many different sources which cause this question to be asked. Chiropractic treatment is as safe, if not safer, than any other form of medical treatment you could find. Due to chiropractic treatment being non-invasive and drug free, many people in the medical community believe chiropractic treatment to be one of the safest forms of treatment that can be found today.

We encourage each and every question we get here at DiBella Chiropractic, because we know just how important it is for you to be fully involved with your medical treatment. We also enjoy the ability to correct any misinformation you may have heard or read. You can rest assured that here at DiBella Chiropractic we will treat you with the utmost care and concern. Come in today and see what we can do to help improve your quality of life.

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