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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been pretty scared about going under the knife. I have personally only had surgery a couple of times, but each time has terrified me. It’s not that I didn’t have faith in my doctors or surgeons, I just don’t like the idea of someone cutting into me with a sharpened knife and taking something out. I am not a fan of needles, even though I am a regular blood donor, and I am even less of a fan of not having control of my body while under the appropriate medications needed for surgery. If you are anything like me, then chiropractic care may just be what you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Chiropractic care does not believe in using surgery or shots as a first resort for any injury. While there are obviously some exceptions, we will try to deal with almost any injury dealing with your muscular-skeletal system without any type of invasive procedure or medication. I will write a disclaimer though, if you come into our office with a broken bone, we will send you right to the E.R. Trust me, I’ve seen someone walk into a chiropractic office and ask if they could fix their broken arm. That is something you need to go to the hospital for.

If you are not too keen on getting a shot of painkillers or getting opened up for something, however, we are your ideal stop. We will do everything we can to make sure that your pain is taken care of. We know how much it stinks to be in constant pain, especially in an area like the back or neck. This means that we will use all kinds of manipulation techniques on those areas to put them back into place in an attempt to make the pain go away.

If you are concerned or have other questions about what we can do to help you, come on into DiBella Chiropractic and see what we have to say in a consultation. We want you to feel better about your life and your body, and that’s difficult if you are in constant pain. Let us see what we can do to better your quality of life, and you can thank us later for the fact that you won’t have any scars to show for it.


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