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This week I wanted to talk to you about spring. Now that spring has sprung, there are so many things that you can do to stay happy and healthy. The possibilities are endless if you are able to get up and move around on your own. I know that I will be doing a few of these things, so why don’t you join me?

Walking. This is one of the simplest and yet most effective forms of exercise known to humans. Getting outside and walking a little bit each day, even just around the block, can make vast improvements to your physical and mental health. Not only does exercise release endorphins which help you feel better mentally and reduce pain levels, but getting outside and absorbing some sunlight can help you dose up on vitamin D, which helps to improve your immune system and combats depression and anxiety. Walking just a little bit each day can also help to keep you at a healthy weight and shed some of those pounds we all gain around the holidays.

Swimming. If you have access to a pool, we will always suggest you use it. You may have a private pool in your backyard or you may have a public pool in your town. Perhaps there is one at your local gym or YMCA. Whatever the case, using the pool is a wonderful way of getting exercise while reducing impact on your joints. Even if you cannot swim, simply getting in the pool and walking around or doing water aerobics can significantly impact your health and pain levels. You may even be able to lose considerable amounts of weight by starting an exercise regimen in water.

Working Outside. Getting outside to do things like mowing the lawn or picking up branches after a storm can help you get moving and stay healthy. Getting the fresh air while moving around is great for your system and you get exercise while making your home look great. Just be careful if you have any allergies.

There are hundreds of ways to feel better about being outside during the spring. These are only three of them, but trust me when I say there will be more posted throughout the season. We wish you the best spring and hope to see you soon at DiBella Chiropractic!

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