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Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, I want to give you different ways that you can exercise. After all, we know all of that “beach body” talk will be starting soon. While I believe that you should feel comfortable with who you are, you should also always strive to be healthy. One of the main reasons people say that they cannot exercise, besides a lack of time, is pain. Believe me, I sympathize. Here are some exercises which are specially designed for those with lower back pain.

  • 1. If you can, lay on the floor. Bend your legs at the knees and lift your abdomen off the floor, as if you are trying to push your pubic bone up to the sky. Hold this pose for five minutes before relaxing. Now pretend that your navel is attached to a string that is being pulled through the floor. Hold this for five seconds as well before relaxing again.
  • 2. Stay on the floor with your legs bent at the knees. For this one, you should focus on keeping your shoulders attached to the floor. Slowly lean your bent legs to one side while keeping your back flat and hold that for ten seconds. Then, slowly lean your legs in the opposite direction and hold that again for ten seconds. Then relax.
  • 3. If you cannot get down onto the floor, then sit in a chair. Place your left leg over your right and slowly twist your torso to one side. Hold this for ten seconds before slowly twisting to the other side. Hold this for another ten seconds before coming back to the middle to relax again.
  • 4. Sit on an exercise ball or chair with both your hips and knees bent at ninety degrees with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise and then lower one heel and then the other. Do this until you feel stable enough to raise the hand opposite of the heel you have up above your head.

These are a couple of exercises that you can do if you suffer from lower back pain. Always remember to go at your own pace. Don’t push yourself too hard, especially when you are first starting. You may be amazed at what a difference it can make.

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