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As you may have noticed, we have been giving quite a bit of attention to stretches lately. This is because stretching is something that is extremely important to anyone who wants to live an active life style and can also help to increase range of motion and decrease pain levels in the areas that are stretched consistently. However, while looking through the articles I have written in this past month about stretching I realized I haven’t written a single one about how to stretch out your arms! Here are a few of those stretches to make up for my previous unintentional omission of arm stretches.

Bicep Stretch. This one is nice and easy but will certainly make you feel it. All you need is your arm and a wall. Stand comfortably, preferably with your feet shoulder width apart, and face a wall. Place your palm, arm, and shoulder against the wall and keep contact with it at all times. Now to stretch, slowly exhale and begin turning your torso away from the wall. Do this until you feel a pull and hold it for ten to thirty seconds. For added stretch possibilities, you may want to move your palm up and down on the wall into different locations before turning outwards in order to help stretch different muscles.

Triceps Dip. This is a stretch that you can do at work which is always a good thing. Sit on the edge of your seat or a bench with your hands on the edge and scoot your feet forward until your buttocks is off the seat. Keep your back straight and slowly lower yourself down below the edge of the bench and life yourself back up with your arms. Do this ten to twenty times each time you take a break to do so. This will help to bulk up your arms a little at least to the point that you can support your own weight. Just make sure you don’t have a rolling chair before you do this.

Stretching your arms is something that is extremely important for daily tasks. A lot of us hold tension in our arms and shoulders and so they are likely to hurt more often. If you are interested in more stretches that you can do to help your arms, come into DiBella Chiropractic and we can show them to you!

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