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One question we get very often is “Can I bring my child to you?” The answer is of course you can! Not only do we love children here at DiBella Chiropractic, but we know how incredibly important it is for kids to have the proper spinal alignment as well. Kids of all ages are always welcome to come in for an adjustment, whether they are two or one hundred and two. Having good neck and back health is something that is not confined to certain ages, especially depending upon the activity level of the person.

Kids in particular may be better candidates for chiropractic care simply for the fact that they like to wiggle around. This can cause all kinds of contortions that may end up hurting your child’s back. Bringing them in for a spinal adjustment is something that you should definitely consider. This is even more true if your child is particularly active or if they play sports. Even if they do not seem hurt, a small change in the alignment as a child can have serious effects on the adult skeleton.

Many parents worry about the process of chiropractic care and if it can damage their child’s growth. This simply is not true. If anything, having your child regularly adjusted will ensure that they grow to their full height, as the natural compression of the spine is counteracted. Chiropractic care can also help improve posture, which is something many parents struggle to teach their children.

If you are concerned about bringing your child in for a spinal adjustment, you are always welcome to bring them for a consultation. We love seeing kids come into our office and getting to know them before we help them is something that we have no trouble at all doing. Feel free to come in and ask questions about how we adjust a child’s back and neck and if it is any different than how we do yours. You may even want to have a joint appointment from now on with your child, especially once you see how much better they feel after their first adjustment!

Come on into DiBella Chiropractic and bring your kids too. We want to make sure everyone can feel the benefits of our work.

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