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According to recent statistics, an average of one person dies every 50 minutes in an automobile crash. This number is frighteningly high when you consider how many safety precautions we have in place in and around vehicles. Even if this was the only possible outcome of accidents, that number would be too high. As we are all aware, however, fatalities aren’t the only outcome that we see from crashes. The amount of non-life threatening injuries that result from car accidents is much higher and can range from minor bruising to things like paralysis or amputations. It is worth noting that these specific statistics also do not account for the mental toll that an accident can invoke, such as anxiety and PTSD. No matter how you look at it, car accidents are always serious.

As it stands now, the most common cause of car accidents is most likely distracted driving. This can be defined as anything from drinking a cup of coffee to texting while driving. It is dangerous to do anything that could split your attention while you drive, so it is always important to make sure you do your best to avoid as many of these things as possible. Leaving your phone on silent or waking up a little earlier to get that first cup in before you leave can be great ways to help reduce the likelihood of you becoming distracted as you drive.

When you are in an accident, there is a very small chance that you don’t get hurt at all. More often than not, however, you will find that you are, at the very least, sore for the next few days. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve been hurt right away, it often sets in once the adrenaline from the crash itself wears off. Problems like whiplash and even broken limbs or cartilage can take a while to register depending on how your body and mind reacts to the incident. Even if you don’t notice pain right away, it is important to call a doctor and get checked out regardless of how hard the hit was.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, come into DiBella Chiropractic as soon as you can. Our early pain management and relief methods can make all the difference to your injury. We know how scary a crash can be, but your recovery doesn’t have to be. Give us a call and set up your first appointment today!

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