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Although chiropractic care generally focuses on the bones and muscles in the neck and spine, sometimes we see a study come forth from a scientific journal which gives us cause to think about the other things that this practice may be able to treat. Such was the case in 2008 when an Australian chiropractic journal released documentation of a study that was conducted on one patient with abdominal pain. While it should be noted that this was only one patient and there has not been another study done to my knowledge, it is always worth a thought to see what may have worked for someone.

In 2008, a study was ready which described the case of a nine year old girl who had complained of abdominal problems which were affecting her school and gymnastic lessons. She had been put on medications to relieve the discomfort, including Mylanta, which did not help the situation. The girl described the pain as “burning” in her left upper abdominal area and there was a severe increase in flatulence that was observed as well. She was tested, but they found no food intolerance or allergy that would have caused the sudden change in the girl. There was also no reported trauma which would have resulted in the pain.

For seven weeks, the girl was dealing with this before she was brought into a chiropractor who immediately began to give her full spinal adjustments. The doctor used the Activator Technique and there was reportedly an immediate relief felt by the girl. The doctor then had her come back for six more visits, during which the girl received these full spinal adjustments. After these, she was released from care and had a reported decrease in abdominal pain and other symptoms until they were finally gone.

Although it may very well be that this treatment was only helpful for this one little girl, at least that means that one less little girl is in pain. We here at DiBella Chiropractic are extremely thankful that her guardians allowed a chiropractor to try and help her with wonderful results. We are not saying that this will help with any other person who comes in with these symptoms, but we personally think it is always worth a try.

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